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Audit Manager Permissions

Roles & Responsibilities

Code Title Description



AUDADM Audit Administrator Audit Administrator has full access to all Audit Manager functions. This Group can add/edit/delete Audits, Findings, Changes, Actions and all lookup tables. Yes
AUDMGR Audit Manager

A member of this Group has the right to create and manage audits, but no right to administer those of others. They are also able to carry out Audits and view reports.

AUDITOR Audit User A member of this group has access to Audits, Findings, Auditors, Standards and Audit Reports in the Audit Manager module. They are unable to create or amend such records, unless they are also an Auditor attached to an audit when they can update the audit and finding records. No
AUDBRDMGR Audit Broadcast Manager Audit Broadcast Managers can add/edit/delete Audit Module level broadcasts. Yes
AUDGRPMGR Audit Group Manager Membership of this Group allows those with access to the Audit Manager module, to create and amend Audit Management Groups. To have access to the Audit Manager module one must be a member of the Audit User or Audit Manager Groups. Yes
AUDHKR Audit Housekeeper A member of this Group may carry out any of the Housekeeping functions in Audit Manager. Yes
STDMGR Standards Manager Members of this Group may create and maintain Standards records Yes
MDDMGR Metadata Manager Members of this Group may create and maintain Metadata Type definitions within the Audit Manager module Yes
ORGMGR Org Area Manager Members of this Group may create and maintain records of Organisational Areas Yes
Everyone System User Standard system users are able to be assigned actions but do not have direct access to the module No

Permissions Matrix



Manage Audits X *            
View Audit Schedule Info X X X          
Carry out Audits X ^ ^          
Can be Auditee               X
Create/Amend Checklists X              
Checklist Owner               X
Create/Amend Standards X         X    
Standard Types X       X      
Standards/Standard Type Owner               X
Create/Amend Org. Areas X              
Org Area Owner               X
Manage Findings and Actions X              
Finding Owner               X
(Action) Receiver               X
Schedule Audits X X            
Create/Amend Action Types X       X      
Create/Amend Audit Types X       X      
Create/Amend Auditor Types X       X      
Manage Auditors X X     X      
Create/Amend Escalation Paths X       X      
Create/Amend Finding Types X       X      
Create/Amend Metadata Types X       X      
Metadata Type Owner               X
Question Maintenance X       X      
Create/Manage Question Types X       X      
Question Type Owner               X
Severities X       X      
Manage Broadcasts X     X        
Manage/Maintain Audit Groups X       X      
View Reports X X            




Has Permissions

* Read Only (Unless Owner)


Must first be made "Active" as an Auditor by the Audit Manager against the relevant Audit Type