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Using Audit Manager

Audience: Auditors, Audit Administrators, Audit Managers


As an Auditor, you can access your current audits, complete checklists, raise findings and follow the progress of related actions. If you also use the iEQMS Auditor application, you can also complete these tasks on the go.



This is where the active data from the system sits. Your Audits, schedule, open actions and findings, standards, checklists and organisational areas can all be found and managed here.

This section also includes the My Audit Items area that includes additional options specific to you: My Audits, My Checklists, My Scheduled Audits, My Findings.


Access to your current list of To-Do list items e.g. Notifications, Actions, Reminders


Audit Process

The process flow below shows the manual ‘standard’ approach to Auditing compared to the process taken within EQMS.