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BI Home Page

Audience: Self Service Administrators

Objective: Provide an overview of the BI Home Page


When you first access the BI Dashboard, you should be greeted with a screen similar to below:

This screen is your BI Home page. Any analyses, dashboards or reports that you create within the BI tool will be displayed in the My Items folder as shown in the image above.


As you work and create items, they are saved automatically and added to the list granting you easy access to re-open or delete items as you require. If you have enabled and scheduling or sharing options, you can schedule or share the items directly from this page.



Does your application have different colours or font sizes the examples shown here? The developer who configured your BI Dashboard application may have customized it to reflect your organization's branding, to be consistent with other applications, or for other reasons. The basic functionality of the application remains the same, however.