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Document Manager Administration

Audience: System Administrators, Document Administrators

There are several ways of configuring the system to meet different customer requirements. These will generally be set once, and will only change when the company decides to change its document management methodology.

To view and amend the Module Parameters, select EQMS Document Manager | Tools | Module Parameters


Document Manager Module Parameters


Tool tips for each Module Parameter can be viewed in the system by hovering with the mouse pointer on the blue lozenge.


Module Settings Functionality
Allow Group Document Ownership When set enables Document Ownership to be assigned to an individual EQMS user or assigned to an EQMS Group
Apply Control to New Docs When set, will raise Approval Path Actions for controlled documents when first created. Otherwise, the Approval Path is only activated for subsequent versions.
Archive Metadata Change

When set, the system will keep archive copies of confirmed changes to document control data e.g. Metadata, Synopsis, Details. Otherwise, archiving is restricted to superseded and deleted versions. This does not effect the document Version number. These changes can be traced by selecting the 'History' icon in the header of the document details screen. Alternatively, you can also see this list of changes by selecting View Changes Log via the document details screen from Navigator.

(If Physical Deletion is checked no archive copies are kept)

Auto Remove When set, is automatically set when creating new Document Control Types if Use Expiry Procedures is set this will be applied by default. If not set this must be manually selected.
Batch Upload Notifications Not in use.
Broadcasts in Header When set, the system presents any broadcasts in the EQMS Navigator screen header, rather than in the Sidebar area.
Controlled Deletion When set, will raise Approval Path Actions for controlled documents when a demand is made for their removal if not checked document will be just be archived.
Copy As Original File When set Navigator right click copy option does not perform a PDF conversion and shows the document in its original format
Create Document Set(s) When set, Document Managers can create Document Sets. Otherwise, this option is only available to Document Administrators.
Create Templates No longer in use.
Days Between Reminders Number of days to elapse before sending subsequent reminders. Range is 1 to 50.
Default Change Target Period No longer in use.
Default Control Presents chosen Level of Control as default when creating a new Document Control Type.
Default Security When set, automatically applies unpopulated permission restrictions to New Document Control Types, New Component Sets and New Structure Components
Default Sidebar This allows the setting of menu selection to be presented when the Document Manager module is entered.
Display ID in Navigator When set, the Document Id is shown in Navigator lists after each Document Title.
Display Navigate Checkbox Not in use.
Display Sort Option Only relevant when above item set. If this item is set, then the user may select sequence by Id or Title within Navigator. Otherwise, the option is not available.
Display Structure Graphics Used by Manage Structure functionality to improve performance when large branches exist.
Doc Category Description Not in use.
Document Batch Review When set allows the application of review comments and revised review dates to a selection of live documents
Document Compare Facility Not in use.
Document Field Replacement and PDF Conversion Enables overlay fields in Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents and conversion to PDF
Enable ASP Impersonation functionality Not in use.
Enable Document Compare Facility Not in use.
Expiry Period Default number of months before expiry of Document (between 1 and 99999) to be provided when creating a new Document Control Type with Expiry function enabled.
Feedback Period Period in business days (5-100) after Feedback is created to derive the Due Date for To Do Lists.
Follow Up Reminders When set system will issue repeat reminders for document reviews and expiry.
Index Server Catalogue Names the Index Server catalogue used in Navigator Search’s Content search.
Log Change Comments When set, this functionality can be applied to a Document Control Type and forces the user to create a log of comments at each Document change, and allows the Navigator user to view this log through the Changes option.
Maintain Document Types When set, allows Document Managers to create and maintain Document Control Types.
Maintain Quick Links When set, Document Managers can maintain Quick Link profiles
Max Batch Upload Size Not in use
Max Document List Items The Document list items limit at which the OK/CANCEL dialogue functionality is invoked on the EQMS Document list screen to force document list refinements. This setting is ignored if ‘Use Pagination’ is set to True.
Maximum Length of Org ID Allows the Administrator to define a maximum size for the Document Org ID. This must be between 10 and 20 characters.
Maximum Search Records Allows the Administrator to set the maximum number of records before forcing user confirmation prior to displaying non-optimised search results. The value must be value between 1 and 1000.
Navigator Search by Document Type When set, allows Navigator searching by Document Control Type
No of Follow-Up Reminders Number of repeat reminders to be sent for document Review or Expiry. The value must be between 1 and 10.
Optimize Navigator Search When set the system will optimise the search logic for installations using a large percentage of Document permissions.
Physical Deletion When set documents are removed from the Knowledge Base at document deletion and no audit history is retained.
Reminder Period Number of working days from review or archive date, before (or after) which reminders will be raised. Must be between + and – 100 days
Restrict Structure View Restricts the display of Document Sets to which Document Managers have been granted permission to view
Results per Page Sets the number records to return per page – ONLY used when ‘Use Pagination’ set to True
Review Period Default number of months for review of issued Document (between 1 and 999) to be provided when creating a new Document Control Type with Review function enabled.
Save Document as This allows the user to set the default File Name options when Navigator users select Copy/Save As from the Tools options.
Send Notifications for New Documents When set, will trigger a To Do list Notification and an email to members of a Document Control Type Notification Group when “new” documents are uploaded.
Show all Documents Limit Removes the ‘All’ option from the EQMS Document list combos once the number of EQMS documents exceeds the number defined. Ignored if Use Pagination is checked
Show Doc Category Not in use.
Show Progress Meter When set a progress meter is displayed during the Document Upload process
Show Quick Links Screen in Navigator When set, the Quick Links screen will be displayed in EQMS Navigator
Use Document Graphics in Tree When set then Graphics associated with the Uploadable File Types will be displayed in the Navigator Tree
Use Document Templates No longer in use.
Use Expiry Procedures When set then Document Expiry is automatically checked when creating Document Control Types.
Use ISO Standards When set, enables the classification of Documents by Standard(s).
Use Org ID When set, allows user to specify a Document Id. Otherwise, the system uses its internal document number as the Document Id.
Use Organisation Area When set, enables the classification of Documents by Organisation Area(s).
Use Pagination When set the EQMS Document List screen is displayed as pages of predefined page length instead of a continuous list.
Use Reminders When set, system will trigger a To Do list Notification and an email for document reviews, and expiry reminders.
Use Review Procedures When set then Document Review is automatically checked when creating Document Control Types.
Use Temp Structure When set the system URL is hidden and the Application is forced to use a temporary directory structure for increased security. (Unchangeable)
Use Topics When set, enables the definition and classification of Documents by Document Topic(s).
Use Upload Profiles When set allows Document Managers to create upload profiles for use with the MS Office interface
Use Version When not set, hides the display of the Document Version number and dispenses with version numbering when Documents are replaced by subsequent versions.
User Log ID For use if Log Change Comments set: if this item is set, then the user must supply a code identifying each Document change logged.