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Introduction to Document Manager

Audience: All Document Users


EQMS is designed to help companies of a varying size and economic activity to overcome the common challenge of information management.

It supports:

  • Controlled storage and distribution of documents
  • Retention of records of document version control and approval
  • Supply and control of corporate data over the internet and intranet
  • Support in achieving compliance with ISO and other standards

Protect information assets, drive adherence to best practice and minimise administrative burden. With Document Manager, your users find information quickly and easily, all in one place. This reduces rework, error, and ensures your employees are more confident and informed.

Administrators manage authentication, viewing permissions and system configuration. So you can be confident that your documentation is controlled – in front of the right people at the right time.

The document control module makes it fast and easy to manage content, assign responsibility and associate relevant compliance and standards to any piece of information. It enables you to set up workflows that help you control how documents are accessed, created, amended, reviewed and approved throughout your organisation. All activity is recorded through the workflow to ensure ownership, accountability and full visibility.