To Do list items

Audience: EQMS users

Objective: To be able to understand and use To Do Lists


The To Do list is a consistent element across all modules which displays any live actions and notifications that have been issued to you. The To Do List appears as the first item on the menu bar of any module of an identified User. (Guest User is not an identified User).

It may contain a variety of different types of message generated within the system. There are

  • Messages which others have sent you (Incoming messages)
  • Messages which you have caused to be sent to others (Outgoing messages)
  • Messages which the system has sent to you (Notifications)
  • Notes you have sent yourself (Reminders)

Messages must be acted upon. When you complete your Action, it disappears from your To Do List, and where appropriate, triggers off the next person’s workflow Action by raising an Action in their To Do List. A record is kept of your response, which will be of use to the person in charge of the process and as evidence of activity during subsequent quality audits. Instructions for the completion of any Actions are included in the Description field of the Action details.