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Introduction to EQMS Equipment Management

Audience: All Equipment Users


This manual will guide you through the process of configuration and use of the EQMS Equipment Manager module. Throughout the manual you will learn how to set up your asset register, create templates for ease-of-use, organise your calibration and service check schedules and more.


Overview of Equipment Manager

EQMS Equipment Manager maintains comprehensive records for any type of business equipment - plant, machinery, tools, gauges, instruments, vehicles, furniture and technology.

The system allows you to record as much or as little information about individual equipment items as you require. Part number, serial number, model and asset code can be stored along with detailed technical and functional descriptions. Items can be categorised by equipment type and location.

Details of repairs and modifications can be recorded and linked to the service provider to ensure full traceability. You can search the Asset Register using multiple criteria to locate the information you want. Detailed supplier, manufacturer, storage and cost data can be logged as well as maintenance, calibration and safety check requirements.

Major Functional Areas

Asset Register

This is your register for all of your assets and equipment logged within EQMS Equipment Manager. Each equipment can have associated data, documentation, calibration and service check requirements


The schedule keeps track of all of your upcoming Service Checks and Calibration in a useful calendar view

Equipment Types and


Equipment Types and Models are used to build a template for how your different assets and equipment items are handled e.g. Default requirements, associated data, documentation, standards and additional metadata.

Locations and Location Types

Each asset or piece of equipment logged in Equipment Manager is associated with the relevant storage location. Within the location details we can specify any key details and any additional information that may be required via the metadata associated with the Location Type.


The Suppliers area allows you to create a register of your current suppliers. If you also have EQMS Supplier Manager, it can be linked to this register to keep a consistent source of information without the need for additional admin.


This area is where you can keep your register of equipment manufacturers. The different models of equipment manufactured are associated against each manufacturer.


Metadata Types, Inspectors and Inspector Types, Service Types and Calibration Types are all created and maintained here.