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Accessing Equipment Manager

Audience: Equipment Users, Equipment Managers, Inspectors


Select EQMS Equipment Manager from the module selector dropdown.

The Equipment Manager application will be presented to you similar to above. The options in the navigation panel down the left hand side may vary depending on your level of access.

The application screen forms have three main zones. The main (and largest) zone displays lists of records and the details of newly created or selected existing records. To the left of the main zone is a vertical list of Menu options each of which is an entry point into the application. Some of these Menu options reveal sets of selectable tabs across the top of the main area, which in turn reveal additional functionality within the application.

When the main zone lists records, then above the list is an area labelled “Filters”. The list can be filtered and shortened by setting filter criteria in the Filters area and then applying the filter by selecting the List icon. Filter criteria can be cleared by selecting the Clear Filters icon.

Lists are divided into pages with 10 records per page. To step through the list, page by page, or go to a specific page, use the paging icons at the foot of each page.

Lists Filtering

Most list screen forms have two areas. The upper area is a filters area which enables the list in the lower, paged, area to be shortened to aid the location of items.

The Filters area contains the following filters:

  • Model – Dropdown Box
  • Status – Dropdown Box
  • Code – Text/Numerical Field
  • Location – Dropdown Box

The Filters area can be cleared of all settings by selecting the clear icon.

On selecting the search (or filter) icon the list below the filters area is populated with records where ALL the filter settings are true.