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Introduction to EQMS Issue Management

Audience: All Issue Users


This document is to guide users of the Issue Manager Software product on its purpose and on how to use it to provide the management control over Issues for which the product was created. The scope includes usage of the screen forms for data entry and extract, administration functionality and the production of reports.


This guide is based on a standard configuration with default labels. As part of the configuration of your system, phrases may have been adjusted to match your internal terminology.

Overview of Issue Manager

Issue Manager is a module within EQMS. This software tool equips issues managers and issues solution providers with a means to keep informed about issues so that they are optimally managed. As well as storing the prime details of issues, it can attach supporting documents, maintain journals against issues, and drive workflows to achieve issues resolution. In support of these functions, facilities are provided to classify issue types, use pre-loaded data about companies and contacts, classify information sources, review all associated documents, set up pre-defined workflows and action types, classify statuses, change screen labels, set trigger levels, etc. The flexibility of the system means that you can always create new and/or amend assets, settings and information to meet your current Issue Management needs


Major Functional Areas

My Actions

This is a specific To-Do list for Issue Manager. If enabled, this area will give you a list of all of your currently issued actions from the module with multiple filters available.

New Issue

Issue records can be raised here based on the templates created in Issue Types.

Issues (Issue Records)

A filterable list view of all Issues currently in the system (permissions apply)


This is where the contact information for all of your Contacts and Companies are held. You can add new entries directly here, or, create them as and when they arise when raising new Issues e.g. Customer Complaints


A list of standard and customisable reports for Issue

Issue Types

This is where the different templates for each of your Issues are stored, created and maintained. Issue Types allow you to specify what information needs capturing, what processes are required to handle and associate documentation that may prove useful

Issue Admin

Here you can create and amend your Products list, Sources, Statuses, Lifecycles, Issue Categories, Metadata Types, and Issue Type Categories. Additionally, you can also amend Phrases and Module Settings


Here you can define actions and change paths used for handling different Issue Types.