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Issue Manager Permissions

Roles & Responsibilities

Code Title Description



ISSADM Issue Administrator A member of this Group has full access to all the functions in the Issue Manager module. Yes
ISSMGR Issue Manager Members of this Group have access to all functions in Issue Manager apart from System Admin control data. However, they are only able to update Issue Types for which they have ownership. Yes
ISSUSR Issue User Members of this Group may raise Issues of permitted Issue Types within Issue Manager, and monitor Issues in progress No


No other EQMS users have access to Issue Manager, although actions can be associated with them and completed via the To-Do list

Permissions Matrix

Access to EQMS Issue Manager X X X  
Access to Issue Administration X      
Create/Manage Issues X ** **  
Monitor Issues in Progress X X *  
Create/Maintain Company/Contact Records X X ^  
Create/Amend Issue Types X **    
Create/Amend Workflow Templates X **    
Set as Actionee in Workflow X X X X
Create/Amend Metadata Types X      
Access Module Records X X    



Has Permissions


if Owner

* Read Only


When creating a new Issue

Issue Details screens

  • Only the owner of an Issue or an Issue Administrator has the ability to update all of the associated details screens.
  • Users with view permissions on an Issue are able to associate Documents and raise Journals but have only read access to all other screens.
  • Being the owner of an Issue overrides permissions applied to the Issue. So if the Issue Type permission for the group the owner is associated with has been removed, the user will still have full permissions for that Issue.

Issue Privacy Settings

  • Issue owners and Issue Administrators have the ability on the permission tab to further restrict access to an Issue to just a specified set of users. If the restrict access option is selected, then all current Issue type permissions are ignored and the Issue’s individual restricted access permissions are applied.
  • All users should appear in the user list. Issue Administrators will override these privacy settings

To Do List

  • Different rules apply to Actionee’s in a workflow. Users who are not a member of the Issue Type permission group nor even in one of the three Issue user groups, can, once their Action appears in the To-do list, see the Issue details from a link on the Action. They are also able to add Journals or to associate Documents regardless of the Issue Type permissions.

New Issues

  • Users are only able to create new Issues of Issue Types where either no permissions are applied or they are part of a group with the create option ticked within the Issue type.
  • The select Issue Type drop displays only those Issue Types that the logged on user can apply.
  • The Issue Owner drop lists only those users that are part of one of the three Issue groups and also have permission to see the Issue (based on the Issue Type permissions).

Issue Types

  • If the Restrict Access option is selected an extra Permissions section is displayed.
  • The user is then able to select EQMS groups from a drop list.
  • Users of the selected group (providing they are also in one of the 3 issue groups as well) are able to view Issues of that Issue Type and can also be made the owner of Issues of that Issue Type.
  • If the create option is also selected, then users are also able to create new Issues of that Issue Type.
  • Permissions enforced on the Issue Type are enforced on all Issues of that type