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Audience: Issue Administrators and Issue Managers

Objective: To illustrate:

  • the way in which Issue Manager presents its Reports
  • the contents of those Reports
  • the ways in which the Reports may be used


Catalogue of Issue Manager Reports

ID Title Scope
902 Selected List of Action This report will list the data and status of Actions raised by Issues. These will be presented by Due date for each. Filtering by any or all of Issue, Issue Type, Category, Customer, Action Status, and Dates within which the Action’s Due Date lies
903 Analysis of Issues This report presents counts of Issues raised, Issues Completed, Actions, Actions Completed, and the mean time taken to complete Completed Actions. It may be filtered for issues raised within a specified period. By default this is the last 6 months. Further filters are for Issue Type, Category or Company.
999 Issue Report A customisable, saveable grid view of Issues
  Summary Report Can be accessed by selecting the Summary Report icon from the Issue Details screen. This report provides a word format version of the Issue including all associated details, workflow and metadata
  Issue List Report Can be access from the Issues List by selecting the Report icon in the filters area. This will run a report of all issues that match the filters currently applied

Access to Reports

To access Issue Manager reports, select the Reports tab in the sidebar. You will be presented with the reports list.

Selecting a report from the list will send you to the specific report screen. See below for additional information on filtering and using reports.


Using Reports

When you see your Report, after selection and possible filtering and selection of the Preview button, you will have a number of ways to navigate and use the Report.

Options available:

Item Description/Usage
[Back] button Select to return to the list of Reports screen
[Preview] button Revise your filters and select this button to present a different selection of data
or These arrows may be used when green, to replace the current Report selection with the selection which preceded or followed it in your current choice of this Report.
or These symbols may be used when blue to display the first or last page in the current selection of the Report.
or The chevron symbols may be used when blue to present the previous or next page of the current selection of the Report.
This icon may be used to refresh the Report. It will return to the database, which may have changed since first presented, and apply your filter again, to produce a refreshed Report.
The camera icon may be used to present the Report in the form in which it will be printed (as A4 portrait or landscape pages)
The print icon will send a link of this Report selection to your system's Print window so that you can direct it to be printed on your chosen printer in your chosen form.
This @ icon may be used to toggle the Filter panel off and on. This can present you with more, vertically, of the Active Area within which to view the Report.

Exporting the Report

One item omitted above is the Export to the selected format dropdown.

This offers the choice of a number of a options described below.

Format Selected Result
Acrobat (PDF) file Standard Adobe Reader screen for .pdf output, of similar appearance to the Report layout.
CSV (comma delimited) Spreadsheet style output with headings and column headings repeated for every detail line of the Report. May need to see the source Report layout to deduce what the detail columns are.
Excel 97-2003 Spreadsheet output mimicking the "paper" layout. Column headings appear above their detail but Group and Heading references, and space rows may present subsequent data sorting problems, where the Report is not designed primarily for spreadsheet output.
Rich Text Format .rtf file of similar appearance to the Report layout.
TIFF file .tif file of similar appearance to the Report layout.
Web Archive .mhtml file of similar appearance to the Report layout.

Select the now active [Export] button to view or take a copy of the report in the desired format