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Command Icons

Add Selecting the Add icon refreshes the screen ready for data entry. If you make a mistake entering data select the New icon again to refresh the screen. Entries to the previous record will not be saved.
Delete Existing records can be deleted from the system with the use of the Delete icon. Entries to new records cannot be deleted unless the record has been saved first.
Upload Select the Upload icon to call the Upload for Document screen.
Edit Selecting the Edit icon engages the document drafting functionality.
Save Selecting the Save icon can save newly created or amended records. However, some records require mandatory input before they can be saved.
Undo Incorrect changes made to an existing record can be returned to their original state by using the Undo icon. With a new record the Undo icon refreshes the record and all input boxes are empty.
Return Selecting the Return icon will display the previous screen. However, any changes made to a record will not be saved unless you have first used the Save icon.
History Existing records may have further information attached to them. This information can be viewed by selecting the History icon. This is also used for viewing preceding change Action results.
Print Summary The Print icon produces a summary of the Issue detail presented in a report providing information on details, associated items, workflow etc
Favourite Selecting this icon will favourite the selected Issue. Selecting the icon again will un-favourite the Issue. You can filter to favourite issues in the Issues List.
Kick-Off Workflow Selecting this icon will Issue the first action(s) in the workflow, providing that actionees have been set against each action
Search Selecting this icon will submit the current search based on the filters applied
Link Selecting this icon will link the selected items to the Issue record
View Document Selecting this icon will reveal the associated document
Calendar Selecting the calendar icon will reveal the date selection drop down window
Actions Changes can have actions associated with them. Select the Actions icon to display all existing actions associated with a particular Request for Change.
Escalation Approval Paths, Change Paths and Actions can have associated Escalation Paths. Select the Escalation icon to display the associated Escalation Actions.
Settings Selecting the Settings icon displays the extended properties for the Action and lets the Actionee view which Action variables they have permission to run.
Abandon Selecting the Abandon icon allows the Actionee to abandon the RFC.
Refer Selecting the Refer icon allows the Actionee to create a Referral Action for return or continuation.
Repeat Selecting the Repeat icon allows the Actionee to re-issue all, or a selection of the preceding completed Actions.
Permissions Selecting the Permissions icon allows Admins and Managers to set permissions against metadata sections.
Send for Review Selecting this icon will kick-off the Review Method. All actionees must have been defined for the review to start successfully
Approve Selecting this icon will Approve the current record, updating the status to Approved.


Email Triggers

Trigger Received By Email Message
Supplier Workflow Issued


Supplier <Supplier ID> <Supplier Title>

Action <Action ID>: <Action Title> - issued on <Issue Date> - due for completion by <Target Date>

<Action Description>

Please complete this action from your EQMS to do list.

Issued Action - Change Abandoned Actionee Action <Action ID> - <Action Title> has been abandoned by <Actionee> Reason: <Reason>
Supplier Workflow Completed/Abandoned Supplier Owner

Supplier: <Supplier ID> - <Supplier Name>

Workflow: <Workflow Title>

Product Flow Issues/Completed Actionee

Product <Product ID>: <Product Title>

Action <Action ID>: <Action Title> - issued on <Issue Date> - due for completion by <Target Date>

<Action Description>

Supplier Status Changed (Not By Owner) Supplier Owner

Old status: <Old Status>

New status: <New Status>

Manual Supplier Review Approved/Rejected Supplier Owner

A manual review <Review Title> has been approved/rejected for Supplier <Supplier ID> - <Supplier Name>

Manual Product Review Approved/Rejected Product Owner Review <Review Title> approved/rejected for Product <Product ID> - <Product Name>
Product Associated with/Removed From Supplier Supplier Owner Product <Product ID> - <Product Name> associated with/removed from Supplier <Supplier ID> - <Supplier Name>
Risk Linked/Unlinked From Supplier Risk Owner Risk <Risk ID> Version <Risk Version> - <Risk Name> has been associated with/removed from Supplier <Supplier ID> - <Supplier Name> by <User> To view the details, please log in to EQMS.
Issue Linked/Unlinked From Supplier Issue Owner Issue <Issue ID> - <Issue Name> has been associated with/removed from Supplier <Supplier ID> - <Supplier Name> by <User> To view the details, please log in to EQMS.
Owner of Supply Changed New Owner You have been given ownership of Supplier <Supplier ID> - <Supplier Name> from <Previous Owner>
Owner of Supply Changed Previous Owner Ownership of supplier <Supplier ID> - <Supplier Name> has been transferred from you to <New Owner>