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Introduction to Supplier Management

The purpose of Supplier Manager

Businesses everywhere have an increasing interest in

  • controlling their supply chain from supplier to customer
  • ensuring the quality and value for money of the goods and services they receive
  • maximising profit on the goods and services which they supply
  • being able to trace the source and treatment of each part in the supply chain.

Businesses are also keen to integrate their processes wherever they can.

EQMS aims to assist by incorporating Supplier Manager as one of its modules, with linkages where appropriate to the other modules (Document Manager, Audit Manager, Risk Manager, Issues Manager, Equipment Manager etc.) wherever it can.

As with the other modules, one can engage at different levels. In the case of Supplier Manager, one could take aboard the management of the Approved Supplier Register only, and control procurement of goods and service could be handled by other means, or one could choose to do both within Supplier Manager.


Here are a few of the facilities provided for by Supplier Manager:

  • maintain a Register of Approved Supplier records with user-defined data fields
  • operate a controlled schedule of Supplier Reviews using EQMS workflow
  • maintain a file of available Products or Product Types from those Suppliers
  • apply controls to the acquisition or supply of those Products
  • note problems arising with Supplier or Product
  • monitor the acquisition of supplied Product or supply of Product
  • allow for the tracing of Product supply chains
  • provide on-demand display of database elements at any point in time past
  • manage User privileges to enable and restrict the use of some functions
  • apply User Permissions to further restrict functions on particular record sets
  • analyse data by associated EQMS Standards and Organisational Areas


Links may be made with other EQMS modules, where used, such as

  • link Issue Manager incidents with Product or Supplier
  • link Risk Manager incidents with Product or Supplier
  • link Audit Manager Audits with Product or Supplier
  • link Job Tracker support calls with Product or Supplier


Major Functional Areas


This is your register for all your supplier records logged within EQMS Supplier Manager. By default, all records will be displayed:

Supplier Types

Description of supplier types


This is your register for all your product records logged within EQMS Supplier Manager. By default, all records will be displayed:

Product Types

Description of product types


Define the processes for workflow reviews of supplier and product records

System Admin

For module admins only. This area is for the creation and maintenance of key data required to run the module.