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System Manager Permissions

Roles & Responsibilities

Code Title Description



SYSADM System Administrator A member of this Group has full access to all the functions in the System, Document, Change, Navigator and Audit modules. A high level of responsibility is associated with membership as System Administrators can disregard or override all permission restrictions for the associated modules. Yes
USRMGR User Manager Members of this group have access to create and maintain the user and non-system group records within System Manager Yes
EVERYONE System User Membership of this Group makes a User known to the system. A User will be classified as active or inactive. An inactive User is denied access to system facilities. System Users do not have access to the System Manager module. By default, they can only access unrestricted documents within the Navigator module. When a new user record is created, they will automatically be added to this group. Membership of this group is required to access the system. No

Permissions Matrix

Access to EQMS System Manager X X  
Create/Maintain User Records X X  
Create/Maintain System Group Records X    
Create/Maintain Custom Group Records X X  
Create/Maintain Organisational Areas X    
Manage Broadcasts X    
Maintain Module Parameters X    
Maintain Modules X    
Maintain Uploadable File Types X    
Access System Reports X    



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