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Training Manager Permissions

Roles & Responsibilities

Code Title Description



TRGADM Training Administrator Users in this system group will be able to perform most admin functions described in this guide. They can also create new and past training records. Only Training Administrators can confirm Training records created for Users classified as External. Yes
TRGMGR Training Manager Users in this system group will be able to create their own Training Records and view, filter and print a list of all Training Records and they also have the ability to add journal entries and attach documentation to any training records. If they are a Trainee, they will be able to modify and confirm their Training Records Yes
TRGOWNER Training Course Owner Members of this system group with permission to access the Training Manager module will be permitted to own and manage Training Courses. Yes
TRGUSR Training User Trainees can only see only their own training records. They also are required to confirm their own training records. If the system has been setup to allow creation of training records, they will be able to add and confirm their own Training records. If a Trainee is the Manager of a department they will be able to view the Training Records of all the Trainees within that Department. No


Permissions Matrix

Access to EQMS Training Manager X X   X
Access to Training Administration X *    
Create Training Records X      
Confirm Training for External Users X      
Create Previous Bulk Training Records X      
Manage Training Records X ***    
View Training Records X X    
Confirm own Training Records X X   X
Raise own Training Records X X   X
Create New Training Courses X   X ^
Own Training Courses     X  
Manage Training Courses X   **  
Access Training Manager Reports X      



Has Permissions


if Owner

* Read Only
*** Edit Journal and Documents Only


If Enabled in Module Admin