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Introduction to iEQMS Auditor

This manual will run through all of the available functions in the iEQMS Auditor Application for iOS 11 and Android. While this guide will focus on the iPad version of the application, it is also available for Android tablets. The application is available via the iTunes App Store and/or Google Play Store however, it may effect your support package.


Tablet devices only


Overview of iEQMS

iEQMS allows users to access and carry out Audits on the go via Tablet. iEQMS Auditor can be a great way ease the process of Auditing and Inspections and remove the need to type up Audits once they are complete by giving you a direct link to the EQMS system


Major Functional Areas

  1. Home

    A simple screen of quick link icons to enable to you navigate through the different areas of the application. Note: this can be changed in the application settings to instead be a expandable list format.

  1. My EQMS Audits

    This area will present you with a list of your current audits. From here you can download and view the audit details, check-out and check-in, access and process the Audit Questionnaire and Resynchronise with the live EQMS system.

  1. User Guide

    Quick and easy access to a selection of iEQMS Auditor Support Materials

  1. Settings

    From here you can link the application to your EQMS site, customise the look of the application and check the version number

  1. Log Out

    Log Out of the application on the device to allow other users to log in and access their Audits.

  1. Contact Us

    Direct link to the Qualsys website