Introduction to iEQMS

This manual will run through all of the available functions in the iEQMS Application for iOS 11 and Android. While this guide will focus on the iPad version of the application, it is also available for iOS/Android phones and Android Tablets. The application is available via the iTunes App Store and/or Google Play Store however, it may effect your support package.


Overview of iEQMS

iEQMS allows users to access DocumentsUploaded evidence to prove the training took place or any relevant documentation (e.g. certificate), raise and access Issues, and access their To-Do list via phone and tablet. iEQMS can be a great way to get the wider EQMS userA person identified within EQMS to whom privileges may be granted or withheld by membership of Groups. The User’s access to the system is controlled by password, and their record is mostly controlled by a System Administrator. The system also has a Guest User facility. base involved with the system with its simple and intuitive touch interface.


Major Functional Areas

  1. To-Do List

    Access your standardA record of a norm, for use in association with Document, Audits and Findings. These are as supplied and maintained by the User. They could, for example, be sections of ISO or IEEE standards. EQMS To-Do list. List of all actionsA component step in a Workflow (or Change Path) having a Title, Instructions, an Actionee and a Target Period (Days) in which to complete the Action. currently issued to your account. Actions can be viewed and processed via the application

  1. Documents

    Documents can be viewed via the standard EQMS Navigation structureNavigator Tree Structure The Navigator Tree Structure is an expandable tree, viewable via the module EQMS Navigator. It is constructed from Document Sets and Structure Components each of which can have an associated Document for view. Document Sets, Structure Components and Documents can be hidden from a User’s view by the application of Access Permissions.. Additionally, you can search and filter to locate the document you require. Documents can be checked out/in and saved locally onto your device.

  1. Issues

    The issues area links directly to the EQMS Issue Manager moduleThe primary division of the EQMS application: EQMS Navigator, Document Manager, Issue Manager, Audit Manager, System Manager etc. A User is permitted access to Modules and their functions by being given membership of the System Groups which are associated with them by the System Administrator. Accessible by dropdown. and gives you the ability to raise new Issues and view and amend existing issues (permissions apply)

  1. Access and Settings

    From here you can link the application to your EQMS site, customise the look of the application and check the version number.