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How do I add a 'Journal' entry to an issue record?


Once you have found a specific Issue (for help see Search: How Do I Find The Issue I'm looking For?) it is possible to view any Journal entries already associated with the Issue and to add your own.

1. When you have opened an Issue a series of tabs appear along the top of the Issue Details
Click on the Journals List tab.

2. Here you can read all previous Journal entries and add a new one by clicking on the New Journal icon in the top right-hand corner.

3. Type the details of the journal which into the Comment box.

4. It is possible to change the owner of the Issue either by using the Pass to dropdown menu, or by clicking on the User icon and selecting their name from this menu. It is also possible to change the Issue Status using the Issue Status dropdown menu.

5. You can also attach a document to the Journal entry by ticking the Attach Document checkbox and then clicking on the Choose file button. You can then search for the appropriate document on your hard drive or network.

6. You can cancel the new entry at any time by clicking on the Cancel icon.

7. Once you have given the document a title and you are satisfied with the new entry, click on the Save icon to store it. 

N.B. Once a Journal entry has been made it cannot be deleted.



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