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How do I attach documents to issue records?


Once you have found a specific Issue (for help see Search: How Do I Find The Issue I'm looking For?) it is possible to attach documents to it, whether they are documents already in EQMS or documents from elsewhere.

1. Click on the relevant Issue record.

2. Click the Documents tab.

3. Here there will be a list of any documents which may have already been attached to this Issue record. You can view any of these documents by clicking the Document icon at the end of each row.

If the document you wish to attach already exists within EQMS then click on the Link Document icon.

4. You can use the search function at the top of the page to find the document you want to attach. To apply the filters, click on the Search icon.

5. Click on the Link Document icon to attach it to the Issue record.

6. If you want to attach a document not held in EQMS then click on the New Attachment icon.

7. The system will automatically supply the ID but you need to enter a title for the document in the Title box.

Click on the Choose File button and locate the required document on your hard drive or local network.

8. Once you are happy with your selection, click on the Upload icon to attach the document.

9. These documents have now been attached to the Issue record.


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