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How do I modify the workflow of an existing Issue?


When an Issue is created, there will generally be a workflow associated with it. Once you have found a specific Issue (for help see Search: How Do I Find The Issue I'm looking For?) it is possible to view the workflow associated with the Issue as well as making changes to it.

1. Open the Issue Details of the Issue which requires an amendment to its Workflow.

Click on the Workflow tab.

2. The order of each Action in the Workflow can be changed by clicking on the up and down arrows.

3. Actions can be removed from the Workflow by clicking on the corresponding Delete icons.

4. You can include a new Action to the Workflow by clicking on the Add Action icon.

5. The Select Action Type window will open. Here you can search for the required Action by entering its code into the Code box and clicking Search.

6. Or, you can look through the available Action Types by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom of the window.

7. Select an Actionee from the dropdown list, or click on the User icon and select an Actionee from this menu.

8. Then click on the title of the Action you wish to add to the Workflow.

9. The Action will now be included at the end of the Workflow where it can be resequenced if necessary.

N.B. Changes to the Workflow are updated automatically so there is no need to save them.

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