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How do I raise a new issue?


After accessing the EQMS Issue Manager (for help see How Do I Access EQMS Issue Manager?) it is possible to create a new issue.

  1. Click on the New Issue tab in the side bar.

  2. The ID is created automatically by the system. Use the dropdown list and select the appropriate Issue Type for the Issue you want to raise.

  3. You will now see the New Issue page. Some of the fields on this page will be ready filled and others will require your input. This will be determined by the Issue Type you have chosen since certain Issue Types will enforce some Issue settings leaving some fields greyed out, and so unchangeable, and other fields will have predefined values that you will be able to change.

  4. Company / Department and Contact:
    i. To fill in these sections, fill in the text box. When you start filling in the text box,  the system will search for pre-existing names to fill these fields and the results of the search will appear below the text box as you type.
    ii. If the name you were typing appears in the list, click on it and it will be entered into the text box.

    iii. If it doesn't then to add a new contact, click on the Plus icon and fill in the New Company/Department or New Contact form and click on the save icon.

  5. Lifecycle, Root Cause, and Product
    To complete these sections, use the dropdown menus to fill in these fields.

  6. Subject and Detail
    To complete these sections, enter the Subject and Detail for the issue into the text boxes.

  7. Target Date and Date In
    These sections will have predefined values but it will be possible to change them by clicking on the Calendar icon and selecting the relevant date.

  8. Passed To and Input By
    The Input By section will be greyed out and have your name in it since it must be you creating the Issue. The Passed To section  may be pre-populated but it can be filled in by either:
    i. Using the dropdown menu

    ii. Or by clicking on the User icon and selecting the name from this menu.

  9. Workflow Template and Change Category
    Generally a workflow template will have been associated with the Issue Type that you’ve selected and so this section will have been filled in, although it will be possible to change this using the dropdown menu. To complete the Change Category section, use the dropdown menu.

  10. To associate any organisational areas with your issue, click on the Plus icon within the Organisational Areas tab.

  11. Then find the Organisational Area(s) that you want to associate with audit and click on the right facing Arrow icon to associate the Organisational Area.

    N.B. If an organisational area is already associated and you want to remove it, click on the left facing Arrow icon.

  12. Clicking on the Undo icon will remove any data you have entered and start the New Issue process from scratch.

  13. Once all fields have been completed satisfactorily, click Save to create the New Issue.

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