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How do I attach documentary evidence to an audit question response?


If you want to attach evidence of audited items, this evidence can be associated with the question, be it documentation or photographic evidence.

  1. Firstly, you need to find the Audit Questionnaire (see How Do I View My Audit Questionnaire?) and then check out the audit (see How Do I Check Out My Audit Questions for Completion?).

  2. Required evidence can be associated with a question by selecting the Attach Evidence icon to the right of the comments box.

  3. The Upload overlaid screen will be displayed.

  4. Click on Select.

  5. Choose your file(s) and click on Open.

  6. Select the Upload button.

  7. Any uploaded evidence can be viewed by clicking on the Associated Information icon.

  8. Click on the reveal icon next to Attached Evidence to see a list of all the attached evidence. To open any attached evidence click on it (you may then be prompted to save it, if this happens, save it and open it as you would a normal document). From here, you can also view the Standards and Documents associated with the question by selecting the reveal icon next to Standards or Documents.

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