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How do I check in my completed audit questions?


All sections will have to be verified and checked in prior to submitting the Questionnaire.

1. Once you have checked out a Questionnaire section (see How Do I Check Out My Audit Questions for Completion?) and completed a question (see How Do I Complete a Question?), you need to select the Save as Draft icon to save your answers and check in your sections as you complete them. To do this, select the Check In icon to the right of the section title bar.

2. Alternatively, you can Check in all of your sections. To Check in all sections select the Check In All My Sections icon. N.B. Sections displayed in green have simply been validated (see How Do I Complete a Question?).

3. The following overlaid screen will be displayed. Select Yes to check in all sections or No to reject the request.

4. Once you have checked in all sections, your page should look similar to this (notice the Check Out locked icon).

5. You can Check in or Check out any time, you do not have to validate all your answers. For instance, you can partially answer questions within a section, save as draftCheck out and revisit the section later.

6. As you can see below, Section 1. has now been checked in whereas Section 2. is still checked out. 

7. Be sure to save your progress by clicking on the Save as Draft icon to the right in the Questionnaire title bar.

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