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How do I raise an associated action with an audit finding?


Most audit findings will require one or more corrective Actions to be raised against them.

1. If a finding requires corrective action(s) then...

EITHER this can be done immediately after entering details of a finding (see How Do I Raise a Finding?), clicking the Save icon and selecting Yes to the following overlaid screen. (If this is the case you can jump straight to Step 5).


2. To raise the associated actions another time, open your audit (see How Do I Access an Audit?) and click on the Findings tab.

3. Click on the triangular reveal icon to the left of Open Findings. Select the Finding you would like to raise an Action against.

4. The Findings Details screen will now be displayed. Select the Add New Action icon.

5. The Finding Details screen form above will be replaced by a blank Action Details screen similar to this:

6. Select an Action Type from the dropdown box. The Title and Description will be drawn from the chosen action type template but can be altered.

7. The Action Owner will default to you but ownership can be transferred from the dropdown box or User Selection list.

8. The Target Date is when the action should be completed by.

9. Complete and alter fields and select the Save icon. 

8. If this is the only action to be raised then select the Issue button. This will progress the action status from Awaiting Issue to Issued. The action will appear in the Action Owner's To-Do List and if they have been set up accordingly they will also have been sent an email notification.

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