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How do I save a copy of a document in EQMS?


You can take a copy of any document in EQMS which you can see.

For example, you may have documents which are forms or checklists which you need to copy and complete. You may wish to have as a local copy for others when you are not attached to the Web.

Editing a saved copy will not affect the document on the EQMS site; you need to check out and check in a document to change the version on EQMS. (You may not have permissions to do this; if a permanent change to a document is required you can either use the Feedback option or contact your system administrator). 

Taking a copy of a Document

Once you have located the document you want through the Navigator option in EQMS Navigator, select 'Tools' on the 'Menu Bar'.



2. From the pop-up list, click on the 'Copy' option, and your system's [Open / Save / Save As] screen will appear for you to take your copy.



3. Alternatively, you may right-click a document in the Tree, and select 'COPY DOCUMENT' from the pop-up list of options. The effect is the same as above.




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