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How do I link documents to the EQMS tree?


There are a number of ways of linking an EQMS Document to the Tree:

  • via right click on a folder in the tree in EQMS Navigator
  • via a document list in EQMS Navigator
  • via a document detail screen in Document Manager
  • via the tree management screen in Document Manager


Linking Documents to the Tree Structure


Linking Documents from The Documents List

1. Select 'Document Manager' from the Module Selector dropdown.



2. From here click 'Documents' on the Menu Bar.



3. Click 'Manage Documents' in the Side Bar.



4. At the top of the screen you can use the search tools to locate the document you wish to link to the Tree.

You may link any document which is Live, Link to Structure or Re-link to Structure to the Tree. A document may be linked to more than one folder.

The 'Linkage' radio button must be selected so that the screen shows checkboxes down the right of the list for selecting a document (or documents) for linkage.



The final stage is to check the boxes for each of the documents which you wish to link to a tree folder, and click on the [Link to Structure] button.



Select the folder where you want to link the documents and they will be added to the folder, as soon as you have answered whether you want to apply the document's permission restrictions to the link. (If you say 'yes', the link will appear only to those with permission to open the document. If if you say 'no', the user without permission will see the link, but cannot open the document!)


Linking Documents from The Document Detail Screen


5. After a new document has been uploaded and, where necessary, Approved, it gets the status Link to Structure. This status is displayed as an icon Structure on Detail screen's Menu Bar.



6. This way of linking the document to the Tree is similar to the previous process except that it allows you to modify the Tree component which is to be put on the Tree for this document.

Click on the 'Structure' icon, select the folder from the Link to Structure screen as above, and you will see the New Component screen.




7. This screen gives details of the link which will be put on the Tree. Save it.

You will be asked, as before, whether you want to apply the document's permission restrictions to the link. If you say yes, the New Component screen will be displayed with the permissions attached.


8. Your task is now done. The document is now linked to the Tree



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