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How do I approve a document?


There are three ways to conduct an Approval of a document:

  • Approve documents via your To Do List.
  • Approve documents via Change Manager.
  • Approve documents via Document Manager.

Let us explore the first and the third.

Unless the setting has been switched off on your User Account, you will receive email notifications of your Approval Actions. These indicate the document concerned but will require the use of EQMS to complete the Approval.

The Document Mangers and Change Managers determine who is to approve the document.


Approve documents via your To Do List


1. Every module of EQMS can present your To Do List of Actions and Notifications, amongst which are any outstanding Approval Actions awaiting your completion.

Select 'To Do' on the menu bar and select 'Incoming Requests' in the Side Bar.

This will include your outstanding Approval Actions.

Select the document via the hyperlink under Details.



2. The 'Details of Action' screen will open. The description box will contain instructions on what is required to Approve or Disapprove the new document.

You can view the document awaiting approval by clicking 'Associated Document' and its details (permissions etc.) by clicking the document icon.

You can view the current live document by clicking 'Live Document' and its details (permissions etc.) by clicking the document icon.



3. Enter details for your decision to approve or disapprove the document into the Result box.

When you have done this and made your decision, select 'Yes' or 'No' in the 'Approved?' dropdown, change the Status to 'Completed', and Save.



4. You have now completed your Approval Action and it will disappear from your To Do List.

Before the new version becomes Live and replaces the current version, it has to be Issued. If you are also the Issuer, you will be asked if you want it issued as well. Otherwise the Issue Action will itself be issued and appear awaiting completion in the Issuer's To Do List.


Approve documents via EQMS Change Manager 


1. Change Managers may examine and progress Approval Actions via EQMS Change Manager Changes.

Ensure that the 'Document' radio button is selected, and Approval Status dropdown is 'Pending' and select 'GO'.

Click the hyperlinked title of the Request for Change you wish to approve, and the Request for Change Details Screen screen will open.



2. Click the 'Actions' icon to view the workflow of Actions for that Approval. This will often contain only an Approval and an Issue Action.



3. In the Action List click the Action title 'Approve Document'.



4. The Details of Action Screen will open.



5. Now follow the steps described above to complete the Approval Action. It is the same process as above.

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