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How do I create a risk suggestion?


As a risk user, it is possible to raise a risk suggestion for a risk that you have observed. You firstly need to access EQMS Risk Manager (for help see How Do I Access EQMS Risk Manager?).

1. Select the New Risk Suggestion tab in the side bar.

2. This will open the New Risk Suggestion page in the active window. Some of the fields will have a star next to their names – these sections are mandatory for completing the form. The greyed-out fields have been predefined and cannot be edited.

3. To complete the Suggested Risk, Description and Source sections, you must type in the text boxes.

4. To complete the Org Area and Asset at Risk sections, use the dropdown menus.

5. To create the new Risk Suggestion, click on the Save icon. To clear the screen, click on the Cancel icon.

NB: If any of the mandatory sections have not been completed,  an error message will appear prompting you to complete these sections.

6. A greyed-out version of the Risk Suggestion will now be shown in the active window.

The Risk Suggestion has now been passed to a Risk Manager who will process the suggestion. 

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