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How do I search my audits?

1. Go to EQMS Audit Manager (see How Do I Access EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager?) and select Audits from the side bar.

2. To find the specific audit you want to access, you can use the search function.The search function allows you to search for an audit using specific filters:

i. Title – Search for the title of the audit.

ii. Audit Type – Select the type of audit from the pre-defined templates.

iii. Group – Find an audit according to the membership of a specific Parent Group.

iv. Planned Scheduled Ongoing Completed Closed All – Search according to the audit stage (see What Are The Various Stages of an Audit?).

v. Organisation Area – Filter your search by the area of your organisation. For e.g. department, team or location.

vi. Audit Owner – Filter according to who created/now owns the audit.

3. Once you have applied your filters, click on the Search icon.

4. Select the audit you want to open.

5. You will then be presented with the Audit Details tab.

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