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Glossary of terms: EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager


Here are a few key terms from the EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager module. For further terms, either use the in site help guidance within EQMS or contact your system administrator.

Term Meaning
Action An Action is a record of a process for completion by a User (aka Actionee) issued in their To Do List.
Actionee A User to whom an Action has been allocated for completion.
Action Type Action Types each comprise a set of Action attributes defined by a privileged User.
Check In The auditor can check IN their Questionnaire Section or Sections locking them. They cannot be edited unless they are checked out again by the designated Auditor first.
Check Out The Auditor can Check OUT their Section or all their Sections of the Questionnaire allowing them to record the answers to the checklist questions.
Finding This is a record of a discovery made during an audit. It has detail and must belong to a predefined Finding Type.
Finding Type A Finding Type indicates the severity level and category of the Finding. These are defined by the Administrators.
Module The primary division of the EQMS application: EQMS Navigator, Document Manager, Change Manager, Audit Manager and System Manager. A User is permitted access to Modules and their functions by being given membership of the System Groups which are associated with them by the System Administrator. 
User A person (or office) identified within EQMS to whom privileges may be granted or withheld by membership of Groups. The User's access to the system is controlled by password, and their record is mostly controlled by a System Administrator. 
Validate All questions within the section have been completed and there are no outstanding questions or actions.
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