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How do I record the name of an auditee against a question or section of questions?


If you wish to record the name of the person being audited:

1. When carrying out an audit on a specific person, you can enter an auditee's name. Firstly, select the Questionnaire tab within your audit (for help finding this see How Do I View My Audit Questionnaire?).
N.B. To change the auditee details, the audit must be checked out (for help see How Do I Check Out My Audit Questions for Completion?).

2. Click the triangular dropdown button for the section that you want to enter the auditee's details.

3. Click on the Enter Auditee Details icon.

4. The Auditee Details window will now open.

5. Type the name of the auditee into the Auditee text box.

6. You can then choose to apply these auditee details to every question in the section by checking the Apply to Section check box, or leave this unchecked to just apply these details to the one question.

7. Click on the save icon.

8. The auditee details have now been saved.

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