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How do I upload a new version of a document?


Document managers have permissions to update an EQMS Documentwhich means you can replace it using the steps below. If you don't have the right permissions to update the version of a document, contact your administrator with details of the change required.

The version which you replace is shunted into the archive and any links to the document will point to the new version as soon as it becomes Live.

Locate your document in the Tree via [EQMS Navigator] Navigator.

Right click and select 'ADD NEW DOCUMENT VERSION' from the pop-up selection (it will be greyed out if you do not have permission).



2. You will be asked to supply a new version number and save the changes, click 'OK'.



3. Update the Version box and click 'Save'.



4. When asked if you want to upload a revised document click 'OK'.



5. You may be asked to enter a Reason for the change, and to provide your Password before proceeding.

Once you have done this click 'OK'.



6. When asked if you are ready to upload the new document, click 'OK'.



7. When the Upload window opens click 'Browse' to locate the required file on your hard drive or local network. Once you have found and selected it, click 'Open'.



8. Click the 'Click to Upload' button.



9. The new version of the document has now been uploaded, click 'OK'. If the document is subject to an approval process then the first Action in that process will be automatically triggered at this point.



The document will have all the same associated data as its predecessor (identity, title, permissions, review process, links etc). Only its version no and version date will differ.

The document which is subject to approval will not be Live until it has passed Approval. Until then, the old version is Live and is linked to the Tree.

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