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How do I complete my Actions?


If you have an EQMS User account, then you will be able to receive and respond to Actions sent to you. These will appear in your To Do List in EQMS.

Unless the facility has been switched off, you will also be sent a notification to your email, but you must use EQMS to complete it.

Once you've logged in to EQMS, click on 'To Do' in the menu bar, and select 'Incoming Messages' on the Side Bar. You will be presented with a list of all your outstanding Actions.

You can click on the 'Date Due' column heading to get the items in date sequence (either oldest or latest first). Click on the hyperlinked 'Details' of the Action you want to complete.



2. Each type of Action Details screen may contain different fields appropriate to it.

The one displayed contains a Describe field (giving you instructions) and the Status field (to allow completion). These will appear on all Action screens, towards the top and bottom of the screen respectively, though the field labels may be different.



3. If circumstance prevents you from completing all the tasks at once you can use the Status dropdown list to update the Action to 'Started', and then click 'Save'.



4. Once all tasks have been completed use the Status dropdown list to change the status to 'Completed' and Save.

The Action will disappear from your To Do List.




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