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How do I access EQMS Risk Manager?


Depending on which version of EQMS you have, there are two ways to access EQMS Risk Manager. 

The first way is, once logged into EQMS, from any other module or the EQMS Navigator page you can use the drop down menu on the top left hand corner of the screen to select the EQMS Risk Manager Menu.



On older versions, you access EQMS Risk Manager the alternative way:

After logging into EQMS (for help see How Do I Log Into EQMS?), you will be presented with the To Do active page. When on here, select Navigator in the top menu bar and the Navigator side bar will open.

2. Select the My Additional Modules tab in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and a new menu will open in the side bar.

3. Select the Risk Manager tab to open the module.

4. To then hide the Navigator side bar, and so view the page in ‘full screen' mode, click on the Show EQMS Navigator iconShow EQMS Navigator Icon ].

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