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How do I send feedback to the document owner?


The feedback function allows you to alert the document owner of any changes you think it may need, such as an update to a policy document or if you have spotted an error. They will receive a notification in their To Do List automatically to follow up on when you submit feedback. Note that feedback is not anonymous.

If you want to comment on a document which you have opened in Navigator in EQMS Navigator then do as follows.

Select 'Tools' on the Men Bar and select 'Feedback' from the pop-up options.



2. A new window will open for you to leave your feedback. Here you can enter and then click Save to send your message to the document Owner. The Owner should send you an acknowledgement or other response.



3. You can also get the same screen by right-clicking on the document entry in the Tree and selecting 'FEEDBACK' from the pop-up options.




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