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How Do I Complete An Action In The EQMS Risk Manager?


When a risk has been created, it is possible that a Workflow will be associated with it. When this Workflow has been ‘kicked off’, you will receive e-mails for issued actions which you own. These actions will also appear in the To Do section of EQMS Document Navigator. You will firstly need to log in to EQMS (for help see How Do I Log Into EQMS?).

1. Select the To Do tab in the top menu bar.

2. To view the To Do item, click on the underlined text and the action will be opened in the active window.

When looking at the action, there are lots of useful functions.


Looking at the Risk and Action Type:

To view the Risk or the Action Type, click on the underlined text that says Risk or Action Type.

As a Risk User, these sections will be read only and so the sections will be greyed out. To view further information about the Risk, you can use the tabs along the top of the Risk window.

Action Title, Description, Issue Date and Target Date:

These sections will generally be read only and so will be greyed out. However, they do give important information about the action that you are to complete.

Attached File:

If there are any files associated with the action then clicking on this underlined text will open up a list of all the files associated with the action.


To complete an action, this section must be filled in. To do this, type the result of the action into the text box.

Status and Priority:

The status and priority can be changed using the drop down menus.

To complete an action, once some text has been entered into the Result text box then the status must be changed to Completed.

Then click on the Save icon.

This overlaid message will now open. To complete the action, click on OK, to abandon the action, click on Cancel.

A greyed out version of the action form will now be shown in the active window. This means that the action has been completed.

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