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How do I generate a risk report using filters?


In EQMS Risk Manager, it's possible to create a report using only a selection of the risks. To do this, you can use the filters within the Risks section of EQMS Risk Manager. You firstly need to access EQMS Risk Manager (for help see How Do I Access EQMS Risk Manager?). 

1. To create a report, firstly, select the Risks tab in the side bar.

2. This will open a list of all of the available risks in the active window. You can then filter this list by using the Filters section at the top of the page. To expand this section, click on the Plus icon.

3.  When you have filled in the boxes for the sections that you want to filter, click on the Search icon to apply the filters.

4. To minimize the filters section again, click on the Minus icon.

5. To then create a report based on these filtered results, click on the Generate Report icon.

This will open a preview of the report in the active window.

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