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Getting started: EQMS Navigator screen


The EQMS Navigator screen allows you to view and search for documents stored in your EQMS knowledgebase.  The screen presents only those documents you are authorised to view that are current and approved by your Document Administrators.

The EQMS Navigator screen also presents other useful information. This includes

  • To Do List items awaiting your attention
  • reports of activity within the system and other modules
  • your account options

EQMS presents a Menu Bar in the top portion of the screen. When you select a menu option, it presents a submenu of options in the Side Bar to the left of the screen.

The area underneath the menu bar and to the right of the Side Bar is often referred to as the Active Area. This is used to present:

  • documents stored in its knowledgebase
  • other data for processing

The screen below shows All To Do items (Side bar) from To Do (Menu Bar).



Select 'To Do' from the Menu Bar to present the following options in the Side Bar:


To Do Sub Menu

Active Area contents

All To Do Items

A list of your own personal Incoming Requests, Outgoing Requests, Notifications, and Reminders appears for your information or for you to progress.

Incoming Requests

Things for you to do are listed here. These may be such things as Review this document, Follow up this Audit Finding. You can open each one, complete it and it disappears from your List.

Outgoing Requests

You can keep an eye on Requests which you have raised for others to complete, and observe any progress.


This will list Notifications from the system with your name on. Notably, this contains the Notifications of Document Issue, which you may open and read, and which you may need to acknowledge. However, there is a host of other messages to tell you what is going on.


This lists your own personal reminders.


2. Select Navigator in EQMS Navigator to display the Navigator Tree in the Side Bar, followed by a further set of options.


Navigator Sub Menu

Active Area contents

EQMS Navigator

The Tree. This expandable set of folders gives access to Documents (including Web links) for you to open and, if permitted, manage. You may also upload files and put them on the Tree.

Quick Links

Contains a list of links to important Documents provided by Document Managers.


Contains links to Documents which you have marked as your personal Favourites.

Recently Viewed Documents

Contains links to the last 10 Documents opened.

My Additional Modules

Contains links to any other EQMS applications such as Issue Manager, Training Manager, Supplier Manager.



3. Select 'Dashboard' to present System Analysis and Management Information in graphical format in a series of Widgets. You are presented with only those widgets that you have authority to view.

You may maximise the Widget to fill the area under the menu bar. Many parts of the display may be clicked to reveal the underlying data.



4. Select 'Search' to display a window in the Active Area for you to carry out a Document Search.

Search results are displayed in the Side Bar with links to any returned documents.



5. Select 'Changes' to present filtering options for you to see notes of Changes which have been made to Documents.  The filters are presented in the Side Bar.

These filters help you to keep an eye on a particular area of interest.


6. Select Reports to present the list of print-style Reports. The Side Bar describes the contents of a listed Report when you hover over it.

Click on a listed Report, and the Report appears in the Active Area headed by a filter panel. Reports can be printed or copied.


Reports Sub Menu

Active Area contents

To Do Report

Lists details of your own current To Do List.

Reminders Report

Lists details of your personal Reminders.


7. Select 'Tools' to present a pop-up submenu of options. Most of the options concern Documents. You will have to have a Document open to make use of them.



8. Select 'Help' to presents guidance appropriate to the screen you are currently using.

The pop-up Help Screens have links to other helpful information including videos.


9. Select 'Log Out' to close your EQMS session. This subsequently displays the 'Log In' screen should you want to log back in.

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