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Basic navigation of Risk Manager


Once you are in EQMS Risk Manager (for help see How Do I Access EQMS Risk Manager?), there are three main areas of the module. These are:

  1. Risks:
    From here, you can see a full list of the Risks that are available for you to look at. It is also possible to filter these risks and even create reports with regard to these risks (for help see How Do I Generate A Risk Report Using Filters?).

  2. New Risk Suggestion:
    If you have come across a risk that you want to be considered by the Risk Managers or Risk Administrators then you must first raise it as a Risk Suggestion (for help see How Do I Create A Risk Suggestion?).

  3. Risk Suggestions:
    From here, you can see a full list of the Risk Suggestions that have been raised and that you have permission to view. You can filter these Risk Suggestions using the filters at the top of the page.

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