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How do I use my 'Favourites' in EQMS Navigator?


1. EQMS will keep a list of any documents which you expect to use again and again. You simply need to right click on a document in the Navigator Tree, and select 'ADD TO FAVOURITES' from the displayed options.


2.You will find a Favourites title bar in the Side Bar under the TreeThis may display a number, indicating the number of documents you have selected as above. You may clear this list of documents any time by use of the trash icon.



3. Click on the Favourites title bar to display the list of your Favourite documents.

4. You may click any listed document for it to open in the Active Area. Importantly, the list contains pointers to the documents rather than copies of them. If a document has been replaced by a later version, then you will see the latest version, and not the one which you saw when you made it your Favourite.



5. You remove individual documents from the list by clicking the corresponding red ‘X’ icon.



6. Click the EQMS Navigator title bar to close the list.



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