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How do I restrict document access by component in the document structure?


If you have the correct permissions, then it’s possible to restrict the access of other users to components in the document structure.


  1. Select EQMS Document Manager  from the Module Selector dropdown.

  2. Click on Structure on the menu bar.

  3. Select Component Sets from the side bar.

  4. Find and select the Component Set that you want to restrict the access for.

  5. The Component Set Details for this component will now open. Check the Restrict Access check box and the Add User and Add Group menus will now appear.

  6. Find the user(s)/group(s) that you want to give access to the component set to.
    i. This can be done by either by using the dropdown menu

    ii. Or by clicking on the List icon and selecting the name of the user(s)/group(s) from this list

  7. Apply the restrictions you want to the selected user(s)/groups and click on the Save icon.
    N.B. If the P is checked, this means the User/Group can change any of the Component Sets details. If the C is checked, this means that the User/Group can create Structure Components beneath. If the D is checked, this means that the User/Group can delete the Component Set (including all its Sub Components).

  8. You will be presented with the following overlaid screen. To save your changes, click on OK, or to abandon the action, click on Cancel.

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