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Getting Started: EQMS Document Manager screen


The EQMS Document Manager screen allows you to define and implement the control of your document knowledgebase. The screen provides access to a range of document management functions including:

  • document upload routines
  • document lifecycle controls
  • document access and management permissions
  • EQMS Navigator Tree management

EQMS presents a Menu Bar in the top portion of the screen.  When you select a menu option, it presents a submenu of options in the Side Bar to the left of the screen.

The area underneath the menu bar and to the right of the Side bar is often referred to as the Active Area. This is used to present:

  • documents stored in its knowledgebase
  • other data for processing

The screen below shows All To Do Items (Side Bar) from To Do (Menu Bar).



The options are as follows:


To Do

Active Area contents

All To Do Items

A list of your own personal Incoming Requests, Outgoing Requests, Notifications, and Reminders appears for your information or for you to progress.

Incoming Requests

Things for you to do are listed here. These may be such things as Review this document, Follow up this Audit Finding. You can open each one, complete it and it disappears from your List.

Outgoing Requests

You can keep an eye on Requests which you have raised for others to complete, and observe any progress.


This will list Notifications from the system with your name on. Notably, this contains the Notifications of Document Issue, which you may open and read, and which you may need to acknowledge. However, there is a host of other messages to tell you what is going on.


This lists your own personal reminders.


2. Select Documents in EQMS Document Manager to present six of the main document functions in the Side Bar. 



The options are as follows:

Documents Sub Menu

Active Area contents

Manage Documents

Lists Documents, with filters for you to locate documents by type, ownership, status, content etc. The list entries give access to see and manage the Document, including upload of a new document or document version, change of status, permissions, protocols etc.

Batch Upload

Lists batches of documents uploaded in batches, from which you can upload a new batch, or complete an unfinished one. Documents may be linked to the Navigator Tree from here.


Lists Topics for use in tagging Documents for search purposes. Can add Topics.

Document Control Types

Lists Document Control Types (DCT). Can add new ones. The DCT defines protocols for permissions, notification, review etc to be applied to Documents of their Type.

Metadata Types

Lists the types of field which the Document Manager may add to a Document. These may specify whether number, text, date etc, and will have Labels and tooltip comments to help Document Owners provide the required data.

Notify User

Presents a screen for the selection of Documents and Recipients, and the sending of Notifications of the Documents' existence to the intended Recipients.


3. Select 'Structure' in the EQMS Document Manager to present access to the management of the Navigator Tree.

The first level of the Tree is managed via Component Sets, and the whole Tree is managed via Manage Structure.

The Tree is an arrangement of linked folders. The Tree is presented sideways, with its root (top) on the left.





Active Area contents

Component sets

Lists the folders at the top of the Tree. New ones may be added, and their labels and viewing permissions modified here.

Manage Structure

Lists the folders at the top of the Tree. Each represents a branch on the Tree. From here each branch can be Expanded, Extended or Pruned. Each folder may have its labels and viewing permissions modified here. Existing Documents may be linked or unlinked.

Quick Link Profiles

Lists Documents posted to selected Users' Quick Links folders in Navigator. New ones can be created and old ones removed.


4. Select 'Reports' to present the list of print-style Reports available in EQMS Document Manager'.  The Side Bar describes the contents of a listed Report when you hover over it.

Click on a listed Report, and the Report appears in the Active Area headed by a filter panel. Reports can be printed or copied.



5. Select 'Tools' to present two document management submenu options and access to your own User account.



Active Area contents

Staff Detail

Presents your own User account details so that you may check and modify them.


Allows you to create and broadcast a message with a linked Document to a selected Group of Users.

Module Parameters

Lists a number of Module settings which apply to EQMS Document Manager eg document review period default, maximum size of batch for batch document upload. Many of these may be modified by a Document Administrator.

Manage Groups

Lists Groups, for creation and maintenance. Notably allows the Document Administrator to add Users to or remove them from Groups which confer document privileges


6. Select 'Help' to presents guidance appropriate to the screen you are currently using.

The pop-up Help Screens have links to other helpful information including videos.



7. Select 'Log Out' to close your EQMS session. This subsequently displays the 'Log In' screen should you want to log back in.

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