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How do I check out a document for editing?


To maintain superior document version control, you can check out a document to edit it. This means that, while you have it checked out, you are the only person who can edit the document. Another user cannot also check out the document. Remember once you've made your changes to check the document back in!

To check out a document from EQMS Document Manager for editing:

  1. Select EQMS Document Manager from the Module Selector dropdown.

  2. From here click on Documents on the Menu Bar.

  3. Click Manage Documents in the side bar.

  4. To find the document you want to check out, you can use the search filters at the top of the page. To apply the filters, click on Go.

  5. To view the document details, click on the title of the document.

  6. You will then be presented with the Document Details page.

  7. Click on the Check-Out icon.

  8. You will then see this message. To check-out the document, click on OK, or click on Cancel to abandon the action.

  9. You have now checked-out the document for editing.

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