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Connecting the Add-Ins to EQMS


Add-ins are a handy tool that enable you to access EQMS from within your Microsoft Office software. So you can immediately check out and edit a document without leaving Word, or email a document to a colleague from your Outlook. Here's how to connect to this handy feature:

How do I connect the Add-Ins to my EQMS system?

Click the ‘Settings’ button.


Enter the URL (web address) of your EQMS system into the ‘EQMS Url:’ box.  If you don’t know the URL please ask your EQMS System Administrator.


You can make sure the address is correct and working by clicking the ‘Test’ button.

If you get this message then Microsoft Office is unable to connect to the EQMS system you have specified.


Check that you have entered the address correctly and that the site is currently active and try again.

If the problem remains then contact your system administrator.


This message means that everything is fine and that Microsoft Office can connect with EQMS.

Click ‘Save’ to store these settings.

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