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#2 Send your employee satisfaction survey


Understand how your organisation is performing prior to your EQMS implementation so you can benchmark the impact EQMS has on the overall culture of your organisation. 

We've created a survey that you can use as a template to benchmark your company culture. You may want to use this, or a similar survey, a few times during the first year of implementation: proactive feedback monitoring will enable you to find the sticking points in user uptake. You can then tell us in more detail how we can help with your specific rollout needs for success.

See survey here 

It will help you to understand: 

  • employee attitudes,
  • burnout tendencies,
  • passion factors,
  • loyalty,
  • workplace climate,
  • and competitive intelligence.

We would then recommend re-sending the survey in six, twelve and eighteen months to see where there are improvements and opportunties.  

See example survey

Once you've carried out your first survey, it's time for Step Three: Filming Your CEO/EQMS Sponsor Video (hint: we do this for you, for free!).

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