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How do I create the Profiles I need for uploading documents to EQMS directly from Microsoft Office Add-Ins?


To create and manage your Profiles you need to log into your EQMS account.

In Navigator, hover over ‘Tools’ in the Menu Bar and click ‘Staff Details’.


Click the ‘Profiles’ button.


All currently available Profiles will be displayed in the Active Area.

You can click on the title of any Profile to view its details.

If there isn’t a suitable Profile available then you can click ‘New Upload Profile’ to create a new one.


The Profile ID is designated by the system.

Enter a relevant name for the Profile into the ‘Profile Title’ box.

Select a Document Control Type from the dropdown list.  All documents uploaded using this Profile will belong to this Control Type.


Click ‘Link to Structure’ to select where in the Navigator Tree this Profile will place new documents.


If you fill the ‘Apply Content Permissions’ checkbox then any Permissions held by the parent folder will be applied to new uploads.

Once you have completed all the fields, click ‘Save’ to store this new Profile and make it available for use.


Once saved, a Profile can be made inactive and active again by un-checking and re-checking the ‘Active’ checkbox.

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