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#8 5 Tasks to Get Your EQMS Implementation Off to a Flying Start


Successful implementation and management of a tool as powerful as EQMS goes well beyond configuring the system. The key to getting great results are largely predicated upon what you do before integrating the system into your operations. 

Below are tasks our services team recommend all business complete prior to implementing EQMS.  

1) Set Realistic Goals 

"It is important to set goals at the start of your EQMS implementation so you can manage the expectations of your stakeholders, know what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it by. 

But when you are setting your goals, it is worth thinking about what is realistic and achievable. For example, while it is possible to configure, train and roll-out EQMS in a month or two, if you have other responsibilities, out-dated processes or if are consolidating multiple legacy systems, it will take longer.  

When we start working with you, we will help you establish achieveable goals in a realistic timeframe based on what resources are available."

Isabelle Pound, Services Director


2) Get various stakeholders involved  

"Our project scoping workshops are an opportunity to get stakeholders from across your organisation involved in EQMS.

Of course, you will need your key decision makers there, but it is also worth inviting those who will be using the system. They will be able to provide insight into how processes are actually carried out and how they think they could be optimised.

Before the workshops, we can provide you with advice on who to invite, communicate with your stakeholders and help you get them engaged." 

Mark Brook, Service Implementation Manager




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